Installing and Cleaning Acrylic Art


When hanging pictures, always hang them in relation to the furniture sitting below.

How high should picture frames hang?

Art that is hung too high on a wall is a common mistake. There’s no relationship to the furniture and it requires you to tilt your head way back to look at the piece of art. Picture frames should therefore be hung about 8″ from the back of your couch or sofa. Another common rule is to hang art / frames at eye level. Do not hang a painting too high.

The best height is when your eye is at the center of the painting. Note the symmetry. Hang it in the middle of a sofa, or in the middle of a wall, or in combination with other paintings. Every painting deserves a good spot. Lighting is necessary in order to make it perfect.

A simple rule of thumb to hanging art at the right height is to place the center of the art object at 60″ to 63″ above the floor. From there you can adjust accordingly for the overall height of the ceiling or height of the furniture over which the art will hang.

When you have a stud

The most secure way to hang a picture or any piece of wall art is to attach a screw to a stud. Studs are pieces of wood beneath the drywall that act as the wall’s frame. Most structures have vertical studs spaced 16 inches apart. You can also find some that run horizontally. However, don’t take this as gospel. Although most structures should follow When you don’t have a stud

Because drywall isn’t very sturdy, you must be careful about hanging pictures and art from a spot that doesn’t have a stud. If you’re able to make holes in your walls, here are some options to consider for hanging pictures on drywall without a stud.

Screw-in drywall anchors

Drywall anchors look like hollow plastic screws. They’re a great ally when working with drywall since they’re designed to lodge directly into it. It’s like a one-way valve. The anchor slides into the wall, then the hook deploys and you can’t pull it back out. Their design ensures that your art remains on your wall. This is especially important if you’re hanging a heavy object. These guide features  exclusive TWIST-N-LOCK technology to hang up either 50 or 75lbs – up to twice the strength of plastic plugs!

Toggle bolts

Toggle bolts work for super heavy loads. They’re a little more difficult to install, as they require a larger hole, proper insertion into the drywall, and careful screwing to expand the toggle and bring it flush to the inside of your drywall.

Care and Cleaning

Always use a lint-free microfiber towel, not a paper towel or cotton cloth; these materials can scratch acrylic/plexiglass. Never use a cleaning agent like Windex that contains ammonia on your acrylic/plexiglass. Ammonia can degrade their chemical bonds and make the surface cloudy.