ersonalized creations made with the heart. When a baby arrives at home brings with it an infinite illusion, it is one of the most important moments in the life of those who have just been parents. We love to bring light and color to your baby’s room, designing the name or initials in wood as you like, our small and unique details will make your room perfect.




Laser cutting for wood is a technology that allows making complex incisions relatively quickly and very accurately.

Do you want to personalize your child’s room and give it a fun touch?

For children, the bedroom is a particular universe. They like to demonstrate the belonging of their room so they love to put their names on the door or on the wall. Although they cannot read, they love to identify colorful letters and fun shapes. This is a way to make them feel important and at the same time you can decorate your space in an original and fun way.

Our letters are 100 percent decorated by hand, they are unique and personalized.
We offer several proposals among which you can choose according to your personal taste. The letters can stand or be attached to the wall to give the feeling that they float. You can also select between different thicknesses, height, color and typography; although our experience tells us that it does not hurt to offer some advice.

In terms of design we take into account the elements that make up the room or space where they will be located, such as the color of the walls, curtains and furniture, as well as the age of your child.

The letters are made of wood and hand painted, delicate and exclusive, which allows you to personalize it as you like, it is a precious and original gift for that baby who is about to be born. It makes your name an excellent element to decorate your room.

Your baby’s room is a world full of magic and joy, each name decorated for the little one who is about to arrive or who already flits in the room, is a dream come true. We build them. Do not delay in calling.

Some examples

How we do it!